The Ballad of Ray Goad

Born in ’22 in the foothills of the Blue Ridge Mountains,
along the edge of the Appalachian Trail
Raised as a child of the great depression, for the first time our people were failed
Ray, Ray Goad, became a King of fast food!

As a boy of ten he set pins in the bowling alley,
For just a dime
Walked home 5’ve miles in the dark because
Then no one clocked time
Ray, Ray Goad, the boy heading to becoming a King!

Just 15, off with the carnival he went, still making dimes
But learning the worlds ways
Hitching a ‘ride hundreds of miles in the bed of a coal truck
No matter how many days
Ray, Ray Goad, was on his way!

In Johnson’s Café on Main Street, came a lady of just 18
Geneva was her name
From a proud pioneer family she brought strength of steel
And things were never the same
Ray, was Ray and Geneva now!

Pearl Harbor was bombed the 7th and they married the 12th
A baby boy was born
Off on a Navy landing craft as a meager bosun he went
His heart was torn
Ray, Ray Goad was still underway!

Home he came to another world just in the making
Part of the Greatest Generation
Left with a middle school education, and a rodie’s wisdom
He Started Build’n a new nation
From the “carney midway” to “Ray’s Midway Restaurant”!

Now a little girl named Sweet Sue danced by the jukebox
As Elvis sang
Grannie’s homemade biscuits were a legend in the making
As business profits grew with a bang
Ray, Ray Goad, would just say, “Let’em Eat, Let’em Eat”!

Word spread far and wide that you shouldn’t pass Midway
Without some home cookin’
Geneva made such heavenly pies
One said to hell he may be heading
So he hoped she would go there too!

Soon the world that had been so hard, started to turn
Not that it was easy
Backers built him a 200-seat fine dining establishment
“Ray’s Starlight” was very classy
In the kitchen Ray still called “Let’em Eat, Let’em Eat”!

Now known across the Seaboard for Country Ham & biscuits
Mayberry had another favorite son
Even Andy himself was known to stop by
But success was hard won
Then Ray, Ray Goad still on his way, hitched a new star

As early as ‘ 64 he found his future vision for just 15¢
It was called fast food
But he made it different, because home cookin’ it still tasted
And whatever your mood
Ray first said “Eat inside, eat outside, or take it along.”

Where once only moonshiners and revenuers raced hot cars
Along “Thunder Road”
Ray’s restaurants began to serve more than fast food
More like Grannie Goads
Folks sang, “The faster you go, the more you need Rays”

By ’74 Ray’s were 24 strong, and soon thereafter another 24
But the competition was rough
Across the SE Ray’s Kingburger was making its mark
And Ray knew how to play tough
History will show that he was first to make breakfast

Because of Ray’s success, the big boys soon followed
Grannie’s sausage biscuits
Fast food became the breakfast of choice across our nation
In cities and hamlets
Ray, Ray Goad, now a legend, a king of fast food

The best of the best of the Greatest Generation
Ray, Ray Goad, became a King of fast food!
The best of the best of the Greatest Generation
Ray, Ray Goad, became a King of fast food!
The best of the best of the Greatest Generation